The Ultimate Chocolate Game

BASE:39CM X W:26CM X H:3 1/2CM


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Editors Notes

This box gives an interesting twist to the classic leisurely activity – storytelling. The Ultimate Chocolate Game is the culmination of imagination and indulgence. Our premium chocolates come with a large collection of colourful foils and crafty sticks to add a personal touch to your stories! The top of the box is created to provide you with a stage and the cutouts at the bottom will enhance your vision to come up with tales that will mesmerize. Our Ultimate Chocolate Game is a fun-filled and exciting experience for both children and young adults.


With a 75-year-old legacy as one of the original chocolate makers of India, Fantasie has been crafting the universally beloved food since 1946. Generations of experience, well-preserved recipes and techniques, and quality ingredients are skillfully blended into Fantasie’s celebrated selection of craft chocolates.

Nutrition & Weight

Nutritional Information per 100 grams:

Energy 513.20 kcal
Proteins 7.87
Carbohydrates 52.86
Fat 30.03

Net Weight:

Ingredients & Storage

Chocolate covering, Milk, Liquid glucose, cornflour, biscuits, sugar, vegetable fat, candied fruit and peels, cornflakes, coffee powder, nuts, permitted colours, flavours and emulsifier

Shelf Life:
Best within a week of purchase
Expiry 6 months from the date on packaging

Storage Instruction:
Re-pack the chocolate after consuming it. Store in a cool, airtight and dry place or the refrigerator.




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